Stage 5


Radoszyce – Końskie    04.06.2017

Lenght: 188,43 km Height difference: 175 m Elevation area: 1806 m

Start the market in Radoszyce and two loops with a length of 2 x 2.5 kilometers the riders will play bonus volatile. Towards Kozłów they leave the city. After turning right to reach Kucka, where you turn left in the direction of what Grzymałków. In Grzymałków go straight Skoki, Hucisko, Niedźwiedź and Oblęgor turn left to start the uphill Widoma places where the slope is 13%. There are playing I Mountain Bonus and the Piaski going to Mniow where, after turning left going towards Grzymałków. In Grzymałków turn right where they’re going straight to Smyków. In Smykowie turn right and after crossing the national road nr.74 will play bonus VOLATILE. Then in the Piaski Królewskie left on Przyłogi where riders enter on a loop around the Końskich. Through the village of Wola Kamienna riders will climb Moutain Bonus (three on each loop). By village Modrzewina, Błotnica and turning left at the Góra Czarniecka riders go in the direction of Końskich way overloaded with numerous hills. In Końskich we drive through the city and a line of mats which means that riders have to overcome even two large loops around Końskich, then turn left in the direction of Sielpia. Not entering the road nr.74 bounce left towards Miedzierza where he later twist on Cisownik. Through the village to reach the Strażnica, Przyłóg where closes the loop. After passing the third time through the run in Końskich riders will have to overcome three rounds of the city with a length of 5.4 each. At the end of the third round riders will spurt slightly uphill to the finish on the street Hubal.

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Stage 4


Opoczno    03.06.2017

Lenght: 174,08 km
The difference in height: 57 m
Ascent: 1030 m

Stage typical for sprinters. Start a sharp opposite the church in Poświente. Transfer the broad road towards Inowłódz. In the village turn left in the direction of Opoczno. In Opoczno at the roundabout turn to the left and out of the city towards Drzewica. In Drzewica Market riders perform loop bypassing the market and leave the road to Żdżary and the Osse reach Poświętne where he will play bonus VOLATILE. Then, the same way will drive one more lap of the Bonuses, volatile in Drzewica and Inowłódz. After reaching the Opoczno riders will miel to overcome the 5 rounds streets Sklodowska Curie, Partyzantów, Świerkową and Inowłodzka where local is located finish.

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Stage 3


Tomaszów Mazowiecki    02.06.2017

Lenght: 105,24 km
The difference in height: 104 m
Ascent: 895 m

In the afternoon, riders set off from the over center of Tomaszow Mazowiecki, in the Kosciuszko Square. Leaving the City is routed through the streets Pilsudski, Bema and Dabrowska. By village Wiaderno, Swolszewice Małe route goes in the direction of the lagoon. Behind the flood turn right then left in the direction of Sławno. In Slawno is placed volatile bonus on the first and third lap. Immediately after the sprint stage starts uphill Mountain Bonus. The riders will mountain on it four times. After defeating fourth Mountain Bonus turn left it moves from lap. We return to Tomaszow Mazowiecki same way. Located in the riders will have to overcome the five rounds of the streets: Bema, Fabryczna, Legionów, Pilsudskiego, Tadeusz Kosciuszko Square.

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Stage 2


Rawa Mazowiecka    02.06.2017

Lenght: 14,66 km
Height difference: 17 m
Ascent: 68 m

Start time trial is scheduled for noon. The riders have to overcome very long route the individual time trial. The tour is packed with a slight hills along the entire length. Start located on the street Dolna above the beautiful sports complex and after turning right into Katowicka street riders going in the direction of Chrusty. After turning left passing through Podkonice and after a long stretch of straight turn left in the way of technical route S8 and after 200-hundred meters left again in the direction of Księża Wola. Then turn right and down the street Katowicka return to the finish line.

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Stage 1



Length: 187.01 km Height difference: 382 m Elevation area: 2787 m Start hours 12:00

The first stage of the race Route the fights Major. Hubal was not for nothing called the royal stage of this race. The cyclists along the route will have over 50 climbs of varying nature, and the entire route is not even a piece of flat land. That’s all the time is up and down and then let them testify Mountain Bonuses in the amount of 6-five pieces. The riders will start in Skarżysko-Kamienna, and after passing three rounds of the city with a length of 2.3 km each, will go towards Suchedniow, where he will play VOLATILE bonus. With Suchedniow will go to the second VOLATILE bonus in Bodzentyn, followed by Celine, Wolę Szczygiełkową and Jeziórko the third VOLATILE Bonus in New Słupia. Then for Trzcianka and Bartoszowiny will go to the Hutę Szklaną and they would turn to Huta Podłysica. Touring Huta Podłysica by Nowa Huta again enter at the end of the village of Huta Podłysica. After the convention bounce right on Kakonin where after a few hopach starts uphill and Mountain Bonus in Krajno Łęki, where immediately after the congress is the next uphill II Mountain Bonus in Krajno Parcele. Exit through Sw.Katarzyna closes us Bodzentyn large loop Świętokrzyska. Beating the same way we will go by the New Słupia, Trzcianka and Bartoszowiny where not only turn right and go straight by Huta Koszary, Nowa Huta and Czaplów we enter Bielin where there is another volatile bonus. Leaving Bielin we go to Huta Podłysica wheeling on the other hand (the current). Just behind the board Huta Podłysica is a third, fourth, and fifth Mountain Bonus because riders will ride three small loop of the Świętokrzyską. After passing the village of Huta Podłysica it moves and wheeling through Nowa Huta turn right to the Huta Stara close the loop in Bartoszowinach. After three loops riders after passing Huta Podłysica turn left to run on top of Św.Krzyż. Just before the finish line is the last Mountain Bonus where you pass is a 400-hundred meters of light exit to the finish line. button2
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KIELCE    31.05.2017

Length: 38,6 km (20 x 1,93 km)
The difference in height: 25 m
Ascent: 23 m (wys 257-282)

Prologue or criterion Cup Mariana Formy a race submitted to the UCI calendar with the aim to present the riders competing later in the next few days, the main 12 International cycling race Route the Fights Major Hubal. The results of this criterion will not be included in the classification of the main race. After the presentation of all the teams in the center of Kielce will begin competition in twenty laps where each round will be awarded 2 and 1 point, and the fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth round will be awarded 5, 3, 2, 1 point. Start Sienkiewicz street and after 50 meters turn right into Kapitulna where the riders will have to overcome the driveway after ankle. Then turn right onto John Paul II and exit to the Garden Street. Garden right into the roundabout and exit onto Paderewski. Then turn right into a charming promenade which is the street of Sienkiewicz and the 300-hundred-meter finish finish the round.

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